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Watch how our member went from Zero College Interest➡to D3 ➡All American ➡To D1.

Your Instructor-DJ Sackmann working with Elliot Cadeau. The #1 ranked PG Nationally by ESPN

Learn directly from World Renowned Trainer DJ Sackmann. NBA Trainer DJ Sackmann works with many of the Top High School Athletes in the world to prepare them for the NBA. This program takes you through a lot of the same workouts he does with many of the ESPN top 25 Athletes in the world. We know many of you are not a top 10 ranked athlete YET, but it doesn't mean you cannot prepare like one to climb the ladder. Now is your chance!
DJ Sackmann with ESPN #1 ranked PG Elliot Cadeau

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Summer is the time to IMPROVE. Unfortunately most players never come up with a plan to get better and summer passes right on by. Don't be that player. Let us guide you with a daily schedule and tell you exactly what you need to do everyday so you can go back to school this Fall and immediately impress your coach!

"Summer is a GREAT TIME TO GET STRONGER. But the TRUTH is, most players never develop a plan, and summer passes them bye quick. Most go back to school in September the same exact player or even weaker physically."

Your Strength Instructor-Adam Menner

"Theres a difference between being strong and being COURT STRONG. It's not about how much you lift weights, it's about being strong on the court"

Adam Menner is one of the top basketball strength coaches in the world. In this transformation players will LEARN how to implement a BASKETBALL SPECIFIC WORKOUT into their daily schedule. The GOAL of this is to teach players how to actually work on their body and approach performance training for the rest of the year so they can be COURT STRONG.
Your Strength Coach-Adam Menner

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