Handle at Home

Program Designed for Players of All Levels

  • Program is made up of Challenges and Workouts

  • Each Challenge is timed, allowing you to compete against DJ Sackmann

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Course curriculum

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    Handle At Home Academy

    • Pound Dribble Burnout Challenge

    • Push Cross Challenge

    • Triple Exchange Challenge

    • Pocket Dribble Challenge

    • Two Ball Challenge

    • Drops Challenge

    • One Hand Exchange Challenge

    • Speed Stop Hand Exchange Challenge

    • Punch Drag Workout

    • Alternating Two Ball Challenge

    • Two Ball Drag Dribble Challenge

    • Under Drag Challenge

    • Two Ball Passing Challenge

    • Lateral Bound Challenge

    • Multiple Speed Stop Challenge

    • Bound X Drag Dribble Challenge

    • Gather Challenge

    • V-Dribble Challenge

    • Drag Dribble On The Move Challenge