This is Your Chance to IMPROVE YOUR GAME and Become a Smarter Basketball Mind

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Improve Your Basketball IQ

This is Your Chance to IMPROVE YOUR GAME and Become a More Intelligent Basketball Mind. New Students Start Now for a Limited Time Receive a Supplemental Transformation Academy for Free!

This Online Virtual Academy is used by some of the top basketball players, coaches and trainers in the world...

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"Train with one of the top basketball minds in the world from anywhere in the world."

Forbes 2020

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Adam Harrington

Assistant Coach, Brooklyn Nets

"I have found nothing better at teaching skill development. I'm excited to use this online program for not only my kids but the NBA players I work with as well.”

Tom Crean

Head Coach, Georgia Bulldogs

“I’m 51 and I’ve been a head coach for 18 years, and I’ve learned more in one week, that I could have possibly imagined.”

Jesse Jones

aka Filayyyy

This is a great way to stay in shape, stay sharp, and stay ready. I love HoopStudy's Point Guard Academy it gives me a chance to work on my craft on my own time. I am building on my ability to handle the basketball. This is full of the best teaching points. The knowledge and IQ on here is crazy!

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This is your guide to becoming a more intelligent basketball mind.

What is Inside the Academy

Complete Course Curriculum


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Point Guard Academy

Run the Offense

Join Point Guard Academy


Finishing Academy

Master Finishing

Join Finishing Academy


Partner Shooting Academy

Be Your Team's Best Shooter

Join Partner Shooting Academy


Ten Minute Routine

Change Your Habits

Join Ten Minute Routine


2-3 Zone Offensive Academy

Learn How to Attack a 2-3 Zone

Join 2-3 Zone Academy


Handle at Home

Quicker Handles in 20 days

Join Handle at Home


Handle and Footwork V1

Improved Handle x Footwork in 20 Days

Join Handle and Footwork V1


Sideline Out of Bounds Academy

Score Easy by Learning these Side Line Out of Bounds Set.

Join SLOB Academy


Baseline Out of Bounds Academy

Score on Baseline Out of Bounds with these Sets

Join BLOB Academy

Coming Soon 👀

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  • Forward Academy

  • Beginners Guide to Basketball

  • Press Break Academy

Meet Your Instructor

DJ Sackmann

NBA/WNBA Trainer

DJ Sackmann is a basketball skills coach, influencer, and a world-renowned basketball clinician. Some of the best players in the world travel directly to DJ for training. DJ runs basketball events all over the world and has massive followings in America, China, Europe, South America, and the Middle East. He is known globally as one of the top basketball minds.

DJ Sackmann

Motivational Speaker

He has amassed over 2 million followers on social media and is globally popular for his influence not only in basketball, but motivational speaking and education through sport as well.

DJ Sackmann

HoopStudy CEO

DJ started his company HoopStudy in 2018. Hoopstudy is one of the top online basketball training companies in the world. With tens of thousands of customers, Hoopstudy provides players, trainers, and coaches with an educational platform and tools to help them succeed in their desired basketball field.

DJ Sackmann

Grassroots Trainer

DJ is also an Adidas-sponsored trainer and has directed many of their global events. He was the head director of Adidas Nations camp, one of the most coveted basketball camps in the world.

Since you are an intelligent individual, you can probably tell that this program is NOT for the uncommitted basketball player.

  • Who is the Academy for?

    This program is for ANYONE that wants to improve and become a better basketball mind. We guarantee your IQ will raise and you will be a smarter basketball player, trainer or coach after taking these course.

  • Basketball Courses

    Our comprehensive classes are designed to improve your overall basketball IQ. These classes take a deeper look into the small nuances of the game to help you master your basketball craft.

  • Workouts

    Not sure what to do at the gym? STAY ORGANIZED. Take a deeper look into the nuances of the game to help you master your basketball craft.

  • Online Learning

    Easy to follow videos. You will be able to access our courses anywhere at anytime from desktop or your mobile device. Train anywhere at any time!

  • Habits

    The purpose of this program is to teach you how to plan and approach training. As well as, how to develop a process and habits in order to see improvement.

  • Community

    The Academy's private Community Discussions are a place for your to share your journey. Get direct feedback from DJ Sackmann HoopStudy Instructors.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Brandon Walker

Adidas Head of North America Sports Marketing

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with DJ Sackmann over the last five years and he is flat out one of the best basketball trainers on the planet."

Get Better and Learn skills that will translate on-and-off the court.

  • How to Develop the Necessary Skills

  • How to Handle Pressure

  • How to be Coachable

  • How to be a Coach on the Floor

  • How to develop Leadership and Communication

  • How to Master Pick and Roll

  • How to Manage a Game

  • How to MAKE SHOTS

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