Handle & Footwork V1

This Academy Program Includes:

  • 20 Day Transformation

  • Ball Handling Drills

  • Dribble Techniques and Concepts

  • Full Description of Ball Handling Terms

Course curriculum

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    • Watch First

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    Handle with Footwork. Improving your foundation in 20 Days.

    • Day 1 - Pound Dribbles to Strengthen Your Handle

    • Day 2 - Pocket Dribbles To Help with Ball Control

    • Day 3 - Dribble types X Foundational Attack Footwork

    • Day 4-Mastering Crossovers, Thru the Legs and Behind the Back

    • Day 5-3 Step Explosion Drives

    • Day 6-Mastering you 1-2 Stop

    • Day 7-Mastering the Punch Drag Move

    • Day 8-Mastering the Quick Attack with Turn Dribbles

    • Day 9-Mastering the Quick Stop Moves

    • Day 10-Challenge Day-Can you Beat DJ?

    • Day 11 Challenge Day-Can you Beat DJ?

    • Day 12-Mastering the Under Drags aka "snatch back"

    • Day 13-Mastering Foot Switches

    • Day 14-Mastering Change of Direction with Skips

    • Day 15-Mastering Change of Direction with Anchor Steps

    • Day 16-Mastering Motion Steps. "moving when the ball is in the air".

    • Day 17-Mastering the multiple drag options. Killer Stop Separation Move.

    • Day 18-Mastering Spins Out of Handles

    • Day 19-Mastering the Ability to Create Lateral Separation with "Bounds"

    • Day 20-Two Ball Dribbling Segment. Challenging Your Handle