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Become a Better Ball Handler

20 Day Transformation Included

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    $67.00Ball Handling Package-Improve Your Handle in 20 Days

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Handle & Footwork V1

This Academy Program Includes:

  • 20 Day Transformation

  • Ball Handling Drills

  • Dribble Techniques and Concepts

  • Full Description of Ball Handling Terms

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Handle at Home

Program Designed for Players of All Levels

  • Program is made up of Challenges and Workouts

  • Each Challenge is timed, allowing you to compete against DJ Sackmann

Bundle includes

Here are all the courses that are included in your bundle.


  • How do I access my academy courses?

    HoopStudy Academy is a digital course. You will use the credentials you signed up with to login to your dashboard.

  • What age/ability is this made for?

    Players of all ages and abilities can benefit greatly from this guide. However you do need to have the fundamentals down.