Great Point Guards Have Something In Common...

In this program we take a deep dive into the nuances that separate the great point guards from EVERYONE ELSE

  • How to Develop the Necessary Skills

  • How to Handle Pressure

  • How to Run a Team

  • How to be a Coach on the Floor

  • How to develop Leadership and Communication

  • How to Master Pick and Roll

  • How to Manage a Game

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Point Guard Guide

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome To The Academy

    • Welcome to the Academy

  • 2

    Academy Introduction

    • Point Guard Academy Introduction

  • 3

    SECTION 1: 8 Characteristics of a Great Point Guard

    • 8 Characteristics of a Great Point Guard

  • 4

    Know your role: The 3 types of Point Guards

    • Know your role as the PG: The 3 types of Point Guards

  • 5

    Being an Extension of the Coach

    • How to be an Extension of Coach on the Floor

  • 6

    Controlling the Flow of the Game

    • Learning how to control the flow of the game

  • 7

    5 High IQ Traits of a Great Point Guard

    • 5 High IQ Traits Point Guards Must Posses

  • 8

    How to Communicate and Lead During a Game

    • Understanding your teammates

    • How to Communicate in game with “Communication Spots”

    • Discussion on understanding your teammates and managing personalities

    • Discussion on Managing Personalities in Game

  • 9

    Making Shots: Discussing this importance for Point Guards

    • Areas for Point Guards to Make Consistent Shots

  • 10

    Understanding what protecting the ball means

    • Discussion on Protecting the Ball

  • 11

    Run the Show-What it means

    • Discussion on how to Run the Show

  • 12

    Being an Effective Leader

    • How to be an effective leader

  • 13

    How to Get More Playing Time

    • Keys to getting more playing time

  • 14



  • 15

    SECTION 2: How to Build a High IQ

    • PG Nuances Introduction

  • 16

    Playing Relaxed and Relieving Pressure

    • The effects of Playing Relaxed

    • Bringing the Ball Up the Floor

    • Beating your defender to relieve pressure

    • Slow Thru concept to relieve pressure

    • Playin off hip to SPNR

  • 17

    Being a Deceptive Point Guard

    • Fake Pulling the Ball Out Quarter Turn Concept

    • Quarter Turn Drill

    • Deception while initiating offense. Push Cross Attacking

    • Deception to quick actions

  • 18

    Time and Score: Holding for Last Shot and 2 for 1 Opportunities

    • Film Study: Understanding 2 for 1s

    • Clock Management-Holding for the last shot: Film Study

  • 19

    Locating the Hot Hand

    • Finding Your Teammate in Rhythm

  • 20

    Getting a Teammate Involved

    • Play Calling for a Teammate

  • 21

    Understanding Mismatch opportunities

    • Film Study: Attacking The Mismatch

    • Film Study: Finding The Mismatch

  • 22

    Baseline Dribble Through Ideas

    • Film Study: Baseline Dribble Through Concepts

    • Baseline Dribble Through Concepts

  • 23

    Attacking in Transition Skill Concepts and Drills

    • Film Study: Pushing the Ball in Transition

    • Finishing With Angles In Transition-Concept

    • Turning Your Defender in Transition-Concept

    • Dribble Holds In Transition-Concept

    • Cutting behind trailer (across midline)

    • Transition Bounce Out Threes

    • Transition Cut Across to MPNR Drill

    • Cut across Midline to SPNR

    • Dribble Through/Across to Drag Screen Drill

  • 24



  • 25


    • Introduction to skills section

  • 26

    Point Guard Skills: Mastering the Lift.

    • Film Study: Lifts

    • Lifts after a hand exchange

    • Lifts with Pace to Refusal Drill

    • Lifts to Load Step to SPNR Splits

  • 27

    Point Guard Skills. Mastering Lateral Bounds.

    • Film Study: Lateral Bound

    • Crossover Bounds

    • Thru the Legs Bounds

    • Behind the Back Bounds

    • Bound shooting drill

  • 28

    Point Guard Skills: Mastering the Push

    • Push into Shooting

  • 29

    Point Guard Skills. Master the Hip Switch

    • Film Study: Hip Switch

    • Hip Switches

  • 30

    Point Guard Skills. Mastering the in and out dribble

    • Film Study: In and Out Dribble

    • In and Out Dribble

    • In Out Thru attack

    • In Out Low Crossovers

  • 31

    Point Guard Skills. Mastering the Slow Thru

    • Film Study: Slow Thru

    • Slow Thru Teaching Concepts

    • Understanding the Slow Thru

    • Multiple Slow Thrus

  • 32

    Point Guard Skills: Mastering The Spin Seal.

    • Spin Seal Breakdown

    • Spin Seal from Hip/Back

    • Spin Seal Hand Exchange

    • Spin Seal from hip. Dribble over drill.

    • Spin Seal Double Game Application Drill

    • Spin Seal out of a Trap Breakdown

    • Spin Seal while initiating offense-Concept

    • Film Study: Spin Seals

  • 33

    Point Guard Skills. Mastering the Hip Rotation.

    • Film Study: Hip Rotation

    • Hip Rotation Breakdown

    • Stationary Pound Dribble Hip Rotations

    • Stationary Hand Exchange Hip Rotations

    • Hip Rotation Pick and Roll Drill

  • 34

    Point Guard Skills: Mastering the Hip Swivel

    • Film Study: Hip Swivel

    • Multiple Hip Swivel Series Drill

  • 35

    Point Guard Skills. Mastering the Inverted Drag Stop

    • Inverted Drag Shooting Drill

    • Inverted Drag Back to Space Drives

  • 36

    Point Guard Skills. Mastering the Stop Hesitation

    • Staggered Hesitation Drill. Breaking Momentum Focus

  • 37

    Point Guard Skills. Mastering the Punch Drag

    • Film Study: Punch Drag

    • Punch Drag Shots

    • Punch Drag Hesitation Shots

    • Punch Drag and Go

  • 38

    Point Guard Skills: Speed Stop Change Direction Drills

    • Speed Stop Pull Up Focused

    • Speed Stop Push Cross Cone Drill

    • Speed Stop To Split Thru

    • Multiple Speed Stop Exchange Drill

  • 39

    Point Guard Skills. Mastering the Heavy Foot

    • Film Study: Heavy Foot

    • Multiple Heavy Foot Drill

    • Heavy Foot Change of Direction

    • 2 Dribble Drive in Heavy Foot

    • 2 Dribble Drive Heavy Foot Change Direction

  • 40



  • 41


    • Introduction to Pick and Roll

  • 42

    Point Guard Pick and Roll Reads

    • Attacking Ice Coverage

    • Attacking a Drop Coverage

    • Attacking a Soft Hedge

    • Attacking a Soft Hedge 2

    • Attacking a Hard Hedge

    • Attacking a Switch

  • 43

    Passing Drills and Concepts For A Point Guard

    • Jump Pass Drill

    • Overhead Hook Pass Drill

    • Behind the Back Passing Drill

    • Baseline Wrap Pass Drill

    • Pocket Pass Drill

    • Passing into the post Concepts

  • 44

    Pick and Roll Scoring Drills and Film Study: Splitting the Screen

    • Film Study: Splitting The Screen

    • Split the Screen: Jolt Dribble into Runners

    • Split the Screen: Exchange Jolt Dribble to Floater

    • Split the Screen: Push Cross

    • Split the Screen: Shift third defender to open space

  • 45

    Pick and Roll Scoring Drills and Film Study: Contact After Screen

    • Dribble Hold into Push Crossovers

    • Dribble Holds into crosses

    • Dribble Holds After Refusing the Screen

    • Turn Corner Dribble Holds to Swing Step Finish

  • 46

    Pick and Roll Scoring Drills and Film Study: Shooting After The Screen

    • Film Study: Shooting After The Screen

    • 3 Types of shots after a Screen

    • Foot Replacement Threes

    • Shooting Before the Screen

  • 47

    Pick and Roll Scoring Drills and Film Study: Turning the Corner

    • Pin Ball Drill: Turning the corner into Pull Ups

    • Pin Ball Drill: Lifts to Euro Steps

    • Pin Ball Drill: Lifts to Veer Finishes

    • Film Study: Veer Finishes

    • Rip Cone Drill: Cutting Across Midline to MPNR turning corner

  • 48

    Pick and Roll Scoring Drills and Film Study: Snaking the Screen

    • Film Study: Snaking the Screen

    • 3 cone drill: SSE Bounce out to Replacement shooting

    • 3 Cone Drill: SSE 2 bounce dribble to downhill shooting

    • Push Cross Snake Drill Shooting with replacements

    • Tutorial on snaking the screen

  • 49

    Pick and Roll Scoring Drills: Reverse Steps to SPNR

    • Retreat steps to SPNR Turn Corner

    • Reverse Steps Shimmy to SPNR Turn Corner

    • Reverse Steps to SPNR Thru Refusal

    • Reverse Steps Ball Screen Wrap

  • 50

    Pick and Roll Scoring Drills and Film Study: Refusing the Ball Screen

    • Film Study: Refusing the Screen

    • Refusal off manipulation (Calling for Screen. Same foot same hand runner)

    • Refusal off manipulation with dribble hold to mid line runners

    • Bounce out to Refusal (2 dribble 4 step pull ups)

  • 51

    Pick and Roll Scoring Drills and Film Study: Dragging the Screen.

    • Film Study: Dragging the screen.

    • Force switch (slow thru attack)

    • Force Switch-Downhill Cross Jab 3s

    • Force Switch-Downhill Cross Jab Attack

  • 52

    Dribble Hand Off Concepts

    • Dribble Hand Off: Film Study

    • Shooting Behind the Hand Off

    • Shooting after the Hand Off

    • Partner Dribble Out Hand Off

  • 53



  • 54


    • THANK YOU!

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